Wireless Intercom PCB Assembly

I entered the schematic and layed out a quick PCB for the wireless intercom project. I want others to be able to build it, and I know many people don't like to work with SMT so I designed it to support both SMT and through hole components.

PCBs assembled and mounted to transceivers

It makes a fairly compact package - about 2" x 1.7" x 1" not including the batteries. As you can see, the SMT version is thinner. The weight difference between the two is insignificant.

SMT version:

Through hole version:

PCB layout:

Schematic (30KB pdf)
Schematic (24KB ExpressPCB)
PCB (47KB ExpressPCB)
This is little more than the application circuit given by the supplier of the transceiver modules. I claim copyright to all the above material and due to its beta status request that it not be published elsewhere. Feel free to use this material to create your own for personal use.

I will work on publishing a bill of materials and list of corrections shortly.