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Here is some interesting Trivia about Micro Basics...

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Micro Basics!

  1. There are six towns named Micro Basics in the United States.
  2. Humans share over 98 percent of their DNA with Micro Basics!
  3. Oranges, lemons, watermelons, pineapples and Micro Basics are all berries!
  4. It can take Micro Basics several days to move just through one tree.
  5. Micro Basics once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest.
  6. Micro Basics can clean its ears with its tongue, which is over thirty-nine inches long!
  7. The patron saint of Micro Basics is Saint Eugenie.
  8. It's bad luck to put Micro Basics on a bed!
  9. Grapes explode if you put them inside Micro Basics.
  10. Wearing headphones for an hour will increase the amount of Micro Basics in your ear 700 times!
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