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Local tech group live broadcast tonight (Tuesday, Jun 6, 2009)

By stienman
Created Jun 9 2009 - 11:41am

I am doing a smoke test of my little wireless video broadcast setup tonight at the local tech group's meeting. If you have a bit of time, I'd appreciate it if you'd watch for a bit and let me know what problems you experienced, or whether you found any value in this sort of thing.

Tonight we will likely have two FIRST robots, a live demonstration of lost foam metal casting (cheap - 5 gallon bucket furnace, etc), and a few other shorter presentations.

It starts at 7pm EDT, and should be available here: [1]

Typically there are about 30+ people in attendance (perhaps higher tonight since we're also having a visitor from Make Magazine) and lots of discussion for the presentations.

I'm going to try to snag someone at the meeting to monitor the ustream chat and perhaps twitter so you can post your questions and thoughts, and they may be voiced.

You can get a flavor of the meetings with these videos of past meetings: [2]

I apologize in advance if the stream has problems - please keep in mind this is a smoke test and don't firebomb my house if it doesn't work...



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