Google Video RSS Feeds

Earlier this month Google announced that it was archiving internal Google presentations on Google Video. I've heard about these, and have often desired to be part of Google just to partake in these (and other) learning experiences, so this announcement excited me agreat deal.

I had expected, that like other Google services, there would be a feed that could be associated with a search term, but was disappointed to find that I could not simply append "&output=rss" to the URL to get a feed as you can with Google News for instance.

So I sent them a message requesting this feature, and shortly thereafter received what appeared to be a fairly standard "We appreciate your feedback on this beta service concerning the suggestion of RSS feeds, and hope that you will continue to use our service to see our additions and improvements" type of message. It was pretty clear someone actually read my message, but it also made no commitment.

On a whim I tried the URL that I suggested they use today and it worked! I was very surprised and thrilled, for now I can keep up with the latest Google videos without having to visit the website daily.

I have no doubt this feature was already on some list internally, so I'm not taking credit for it. I did want to publicly thank Google for this addition, and hope that this helps others out as well.