I have some wonderful relationships!  I am the middle of five children to David and Jacqulyn Davis.  I married the middle child of seven children.  We plan on having lots of middle children, though aren't quite sure how we might manage that.   But since we're both engineers, I imagine we'll figure something out.

I have two older brothers, Mike and Jared, a younger brother, Ian, and a sister (the youngest), Sarah.  Mike is married with two children, and Jared is engaged to be married.  Ian is serving a mission, and Sarah is persuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan.

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Raelyn Majeske Davis is my beautiful wife.  We were married in May of 1998.   Raelyn just graduated from UofM with a Bachelors degree in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science.  Cool stuff!

I have some older pictures here - I'll update the pics and layout later.  Maybe...