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I have always enjoyed computers, being raised by a father who lovingly introduced me to the ZX-80 in my very early years.  Eventually I became frustrated with the limitations (read: Speed) of Basic and I started learning C.  Meanwhile my father started a business, Micro Basics, selling, upgrading, servicing, and becoming a general computer consultant for IBM compatible computers.  I learned the hardware end of the computer through this, and became the hardware technition for his business.


My father recently moved to Ohio and left Micro Basics with me in Michigan.  I currently work as a programmer, and have a great deal of interest in programming as it applies to the internet.  While I am frustrated by the speed and limitations of Visual Basic, I have found it to be a competant language.  The bulk of my programs are therefore written in VB 6.

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Name and Description


Gateway -

My current service provider for home does not have an SMTP or NNTP server, but at the price I'm paying (free)  that's not bad.  I do all my email and news at work anyway.  However, my wife does send mail from home.  So I needed an easy SMTP server that I could run on my computer at work.  Since all of the servers I found required payment of some form, I decided to create my own.  Suddenly, "Eureka!" a thought occured - why create a complete server, which would take hours to create and debug, when all I needed was a simple relay?  Thus, gateway was born.  It simply waits for a connection on port 25.  When one is made, it makes a connection to the mailserver at work, and shuttles the messages between the two connections.  Thus, I connect to my work computer from home, my work computer connects to ameritech's mail server, and my home computer feels like it's connected directly to an smtp server.  I may modify it in the future to accept command line arguments for set up, but meanwhile you'll need to modify the code yourself to determine the mailserver to connect to.

Source Code

IPSnoop -

I set up an ISDN router at work to connect to the internet.   The router is connected 24/7, but does not have a dedicated IP address.  Since I want to be able to access my computer anytime/anywhere, I need to know the current IP assigned by our ISP.  I made this program which checks the router every minute.   When the IP changes, it creates a file with the new IP, and FTPs it to a fixed location on the internet.  In this program I also experimented with a tray icon utility, and all things considered, I think it turned out pretty well.  I am not including the source or binary yet.  I may do so later, but if you want it now, simply email me with your request.  I'll email it back to you.

I don't have the source or binary(s) up because I haven't taken the time to do so, not because I don't want to give them out...

Comics -

I hated the time it took to look through all the comic archives available on the net, but I still wanted to view the comics.  I created this program to search a list of URL's for a keyword, and display the image associated with that keyword.  For instance, it looks up the page and searches for the phrase "/archive/".  When found, it extracts the image tag associated with that keyword, and inserts it into a file called "comics.html".  After it has searched through 65 different comic pages, it loads netscape with that file, which only contains the actual comic images.  No need to press buttons to go from one comic to another, and no need to wait for a million incidental graphics/ads to load.  I am not including the source or binary for this either.  Simply ask and it shall be yours.

I don't have the source or binary(s) up because I haven't taken the time to do so, not because I don't want to give them out...

CloseCap -

I am working on a Closed Captioning utility for a friend.   He works for a local community, running their own TV station.  The station has a close captioning box which can be hooked up to a computer to insert CC info into TV signals.  The software to run this box is over $2,000!!!  So this program parses a text file for generic CCing, and allows the operator to send a line at a time to the box, as well as send various commands and such.  I will probably make a shareware version, and if it is useful to enough people, I'll make a professional version that I will support (through Micro Basics) for a fee.  Suffice to say the fee will be much less than the other software packages...  I plan on supporting this box, and any other box for which the setup information is sent to me.

Work in Progress
If you would like to test for me, please contact me.


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