Build a Homemade Media Center PC

Build a Homemade Media Center PC - DigitalDame2 writes "PC Magazine's Loyd Case explains how to build a Media Center PC of your own, how to choose the parts for a custom project, and tips for the Motherboard." I imagine you guys might have some other opinions on what parts and tools to use for the task... [Slashdot]

We started our PVR home entertainment system with a Hauppage WinTV PVR-250, and then upgraded to an ATI HDTV Wonder in 2004 to watch the summer Olympics in 1080i. Needless to say I can't watch our old TV anymore - everything about it is poor compared to using the HDTV Wonder.

However, the setup isn't for everyone. It took some time to set up for good performance (sound, video, etc), and even now it is far from as easy to use as a standard TV. But it works very well for us. I suspect that with the addition of Windows MCE it would be most of the way there.

For now it's simple, inexpensive, and we can watch, pause, record, and burn HDTV programs to our heart's content.